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Cannot transfer calls


We have a CUCM and IP phones do not have the transfer calls option enabled (it's grayed out). Any ideas what this can be? Something simple perhaps?

I am quite new to CUCM and only have experience with the Express version which is obviously completely different!

Thank you,


Chris Deren
Hall of Fame Master

Hmm, sounds like a bug to me or user error.  What CUCM and firmware version and phone model are you using?

So, you get a call, asnwer it and you see transfer softkey grayed out?


It's running version 8, I am not sure about firmware as its at a remote site and I do not have access to it at the moment.

Yes, when you get a call and want to transfer it, the softkey is grayed out.

Jaime Valencia
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

If there's an H323 GW involved make sure the MTP required option is checked.



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if this helps, please rate

Hello Dimawerks,

We all have to start somewheres

Much like in CME there is a phone template in CUCM. This is something you should check to make sure it is enabled on the phone experiencing the problem.

First find the phone templete the device is using. Then Device->Device Settings->Softkey Template.

Find that particular template in use. And top right go to (configure Softkey Layout).

You'll see the different softkeys available. Be sure to select the call state(off hook) and make sure that softkey is there.

Jaschulz, exactly! I am sure the templates are used hence why it gives the option to transfer but its grayed out. If it wasn't defined by a template then it would not be there at all (just like in CME), correct?

Javalenc, I believe the calls come in via an ISDN and there is only one site. I thought gatekeepers mostly used on remote sites or if there are mote than one CUCM?

Ahhh..Sorry missed that You're right it should not appear.

Try looking at the amount of instances per line and increasing it if necessary. That's more then likely your problem.

No worries, could you please be a bit more specific? As in, what do you mean by "instances per line"?

Is this like in Express where you would have multiple ephone-dns to correspond with amount of call channels (lines) available?

Yes similar to that.

Look at the DN on the phone. There is a setting for 'Max Number of Calls' try increasing that if it is 2 to 4.

They say that they cannot transfer calls on any of the phones. Wouldn't some people be able to transfer calls anyway or not?

I will try it out anyway and see what happens. Is there anything else you can suggest in the meantime?


This is quite a few years after this post but I wanted to add that solution to the grayed out transfer softkey, at least for me, is to increase the number of instances (i.e maximum number of calls / busy trigger)

I changed this setting from 1 to 2 and the issue was resolved.




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