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cant export call traffic system report

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we using CCM ver.9.0 and i used to generate call traffic report from Cisco Unified CM CDR Analysis and Reporting tool and export the information as .csv format so i can sort it , but suddenly im not able to export the data as .csv and only it works if i select to export data as PDF .


and this message is shown when i log in:


* Cluster wide parameter 'Call Diagnostics Enabled flag' is set to false. Hence no QoS information will be generated on calls. If required, please configure the same from service parameter page for Call Manager service.
* Currently Continuous Loading 24/7 configuration is activated.
* If you want to enable CMRs loading, Please uncheck the 'Load CDR Only' option from CAR->System->Scheduler->CDR Load.
* Tbl_Billing_Data and Tbl_Billing_Error Table status
     No. of records in Tbl_Billing_Data: 147736
     No. of records in Tbl_Billing_Error: 23991
     Latest record in Tbl_Billing_Data: Oct 7, 2015
     Oldest record in Tbl_Billing_Data: Aug 9, 2015
     Latest record in Tbl_Billing_Error: Oct 7, 2015
     Oldest record in Tbl_Billing_Error:Aug 9, 2015
* Mail parameters are not configured. Hence mails/alerts/notifications might not be sent to CAR Administrators. Please configure this at CAR->System->System Parameters->Mail Parameters.
* Mail id for 'mohdibrahim' is not available. CAR Reports/Notifications/Alert Emails might not be able to sent to this user properly. Please configure a mail id in end user configuration page. 

  can anyone let me know whats the issue.





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Manish Gogna
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Mo,

Please check if the 'Call Diagnostics Enabled' clusterwide parameter is set to true. If it is set to false then CMR or call quality stats will not be generated. Try running a report after enabling it.

Regarding PDF and csv reports, do you mean to say it worked on the same version earlier and now it is not working?


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Hi Manish 


now i can only export call traffic report in PDF format only .in same CCM version





Its a bit strange, the behavior does not change on the same version. The help page for this report clearly mentions that "If you want the report in CSV format, choose CSV (comma separated value) in the Report Format area. If you want the report in PDF format, choose PDF (portable document format) in the Report Format area." , so this option should be available for csv. Also enable the parameter as per my last post.



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