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CCM upgrade to 6.1(2)

I am having a call manager cluster running 5.1 and want to upgrade to 6.1(2).

Can you guys share your experience about 5.x to 6.x upgrade.

What kind of issues I can expect during and after the upgrade.

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Hi friend,

Well, I have never done an upgrade to 6.1(2) but very soon I'll have to do an upgrade from 4.1(3) to 6.X (possibly to 6.1(1) or 6.1(2)).

For this, I'll check these good documents I have found and I'll like to share with you (if you don't have them yet). Some of these guides provides info of what should be occurring during upgrading steps. It may be helpful.

Cisco CallManager Upgrade Paths and Cisco Unified Communications Product Names:

Cisco Unified Communications Manager Software Compatibility Matrix:

Install and Upgrade Guides:

Software Upgrades - Upgrading to Cisco Unified Communications Manager Release 6.1(1) from Release 5.x and Release 6.x:


- adrián.


Thanks Adrian..

one another quick question... I saw in some of the posts that after upgrading the CCM to 6.1 they have to upgrade the IOS of the routers to some mainline release instead of early deployemnet release.

I have four 2821 gaeway and 10 VG 224 gateway.. , Do I need to upgrade the IOS of any of them after CCM 6.1(2) upgrade.


Hi friend,

It is always better to check Release Notes documents for Cisco equipment and IOS Releases, so you can check for caveats.

For example, this one for VG224 for IOS 12.4(11)XW:

This may helpful to see Cisco CallManager and Cisco IOS Interoperability Guide, to review the minimum software of CUCM version and IOS Release to support some features the router may have (such as conferencing, transcoding, MTP):


- adrián.


I'm about to do the same upgrade, and i checked those links, and you can do a direct upgrade from Version 5.1.2 to 6.1.2, but my only question is that i only have the UCSInstall iso image for 6.1.2, that you get from cco website. Is this the correct file to use???

Also will i need transfer licenses, or will the licenses carry into version 6.1.2??

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DLUs and node licenses will transfer but you will need a new license, the feature license. if you don't have it services won't start.

you need to read what the file says:


Release Date: 06/May/2008

Cisco Unified Communications Manager 6.1(2) part 1 of 2 (non-bootable) - For upgrade from 6.0(1)



if this helps, please rate



if this helps, please rate



Hi javalenc,

Can you elaborate a little more on the feature license needed for upgrading to 6.x? How would i be able to obtain the "feature license"?



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Hi Marvin,

Check out Pages 170-174 of this rather large pdf. The methods for obtaining the 6.x license are nicely explained;

Hope this helps!



Here is the skinny on the licensing.

Login in with CCO account top right

Then click on Ordering

Click on Ordering

Manage Service Orders & Parts

Click on Product Upgrade Tool

It will ask you for the SmartNet contract, enter this in. It will query your entitlements for upgrade.

Your feature license will be included will be this.

Once you have your PAK NUMBER sent to you via SNAIL MAIL, (plan ahead) 7-10 days out.... register your PAK NUMBER. You will then have the one piece of the licenses ready to go.

The second piece is a little more tricky. The email conformation you get from cisco on the Product Upgrade Tool, you need to forward this to to request the DLU's and Node license. Cisco Licensing will send you an excel sheet that you fill out for your phone and node count. They will then do some "checking" and send back the license files for your cluster. Takes a little time so be patient.

Some things I see in the upgrades are:

- Multicast Hops changing to default 2. (MOH stopped working through PSTN after upgrade)

- AC is a disaster. Document and plan ahead to rebuild it.

- On the line, Call Forwarding search spaces seem to be off or not working. Need to Bulk admin all lines to where they should be.

- SNMP, add this back in after upgrade

- Looking at about 2 hours min on each server for upgrade.

Probably more, but hope this helps a bit.



We just did the upgrade from 4.1.3 to 6.1.1 two weeks ago. Make sure you do the DMA a week or two ahead of time, it doesn't hurt to sent the output to Cisco to look over, even if it is just warnings.

A couple of things we stumbled in clearing up afterwards: the new version has to have a CSS on the CForwarding feature that didn't allow us to forward calls to cell phones. Check your caller id, mine didn't show the calling number the way I wanted it to and I had to change that since I use it for 911 calls. I had to get licenses for each of the telephones that I already had installed so that I could delete or add phones. The ring tones had to be added back on as well as the MOH, they did give a heads up on that.

The biggest problem I had was regarding the ac account (attendant console). It was imported as a end user rather than an application user, so I had to delete the ac account in active directory and wait 48 hours for it fall out before I could add it as an application and get my attendant console users back up.

All in all, it wasn't as bad as I had anticipated, but we did a lot of homework ahead of time.

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