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CCME Dial tones per DID or Hunt Group



We are currently running c2800nm-spservicesk9-mz.124-24.T4.bin" and using 7920, 7945 phones in a small setup.

We are using 2 DID numbers for our sales lines that go to 2 hunt groups of which some people are members of both in an office.

Is there a way that we can force the phones to use a different ring tone for each of the DID's that are dialed


Hunt Group 1 has extensions:


Hunt Group 2 has extensions:


DID 9295 0000 => Hunt Group 1 = Ring tone A rings

DID 9295 0099 => Hunt Group 2 = Ring tone B rings

If not, what would be the best way to identify that a call is incoming to a certain numbre? Can it be labelled in any way?




paolo bevilacqua
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Use "service dns dir-lookup" to distinguish which number was called.

With proper configuration, you can even use different ring tones.


Do you have any examples on how to acheive the different ring tones?

I have found the section in the manual that would allow the users to see an inbound number appear if associated to a name in an ephone-dn, but not how to have a seperate ringtone?



You will need separate DNs for eanch DID, some with "ring feature". They can stay as overlay on the same button.

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So would the below work? I have attached a copy of the current configs?

ephone-dn  200
number 92950099

ephone-dn  201
number 92950000

#### Would you use the full DID number of the extension for the ephone-dn and the diretory entry?
#### Or should you use wildcards?

service dnis dir-lookup
directory entry 1 2199 name Company A
directory entry 2 2100 name Company B

ephone  11
mac-address 0018.18C8.93D8
ephone-template 1
username "111" password null
provision-tag 111
speed-dial 1 00411556851# label "DC"
paging-dn 100
type 7960
button  1:61 2o11,120,121,122,123,124,125,126,127,128,129,200,201
ephone  12
mac-address E804.6213.7C64
ephone-template 1
username "112" password null
provision-tag 112
speed-dial 1 00411556851# label "DC"
paging-dn 100
type 7945
button  1:62 2o12,120,121,122,123,124,125,126,127,128,129,200,201

Do you have any comments on the above?

Your help would be greatly appreciated.