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CCME IOS - 12.4(20)T dual-line

Level 1
Level 1

I have ephone-dn configured in dual-line mode.

My users start complaining because when they use a phone and someone else is calling, the calling person doesn't hear busy signal.

It is possible to use dual-line mode and setup busy signal when someone else is calling on the used number?

I' can't find any useful command to setup this.

I will be appreciate for any help


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Rob Huffman
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame

Hi Robert,

Because the DN's are set up as dual-line you need to add the following (huntstop channel command). Have a look;

The following example creates an ephone-dn with the number 103 in dual-line mode. The no huntstop command allows calls to continue to hunt to other ephone-dns if this one is busy or does not answer. The huntstop channel command disables call hunting to the second channel of this ephone-dn if the first channel is busy or does not answer.

Router(config)# ephone-dn 10 dual-line

Router(config-ephone-dn)# number 103

Router(config-ephone-dn)# no huntstop

Router(config-ephone-dn)# huntstop channel

Router(config-ephone-dn)# exit

From this CME doc;

Hope this helps!


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