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CDR export from CME via RADIUS, TACACS for authentication

Jeremy Bresley
Level 4
Level 4

We have a number of routers and switches currently configured for TACACS for AAA.  We're looking at the possibility of exporting CDR records from our CME sites and wondered if anybody had used a combination of TACACS for authentication/authorization, and RADIUS for VoIP accounting on the same router.  We're running ACS 4.2 for the server, which I know supports both protocols concurrently.

The other option would be to use syslog, but we'd prefer not to clutter up the logs on the routers with all the voice setup/teardown messages as some of these sites make a fair number of calls.

We do have the CDR accounting working to a local file on flash, but would much rather have all of the routers come back to the centralized ACS server.

Thanks for any pointers to docs on how to accomplish this.

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Level 1
Level 1 is a company specialized in processing CUCME/UC500 Call Detail Records (CDRs) via RADIUS and the Internet.