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CDR reports: Request for activity on multiple lines


I have a customer who has requested to review inbound/outbound/internal activity reports for 8 different DID's.

Our only resource is CDR Analysis & Reporting. She has asked for all activity details going back to Oct 22 for each individual line and the only option I am aware of to effectively manage the request is "CDR > Export CDR/CMR". However, the results of the CDR are huge even if I run a report for every month individually from Oct 22 to current. After I import and configure the notepad file I filter per individual line and Excel is truncating the results with a notification message that it truncates after 10k records. 

Is there any other way for me to run reports per line without having to do a raw CDR dump? I've tried several reporting functions but I'm getting a message the results do not reach back to October, November, December of 2022. 

Thank you to all in advance for any help.

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VoIP Engineer

Generally speaking, CUCM is not going to retain data for several months (it purges data on a rolling basis), however you can pull a test report by going to:

Unified Serviceability -> Tools -> CDR Analysis and Reporting -> CDR -> Search -> By User/Phone Number/SIP URL

From there plug in the extensions you are interested in.


Another suggestion would be to try VoIP Detective CDR Reporting.  Using the free version, you can pull reports on any extensions / DIDs that you are interested in.  You could create a "team" report that would put all 8 phone numbers on a single report, then schedule it to be emailed to you every day/week/month.


One note about pulling reports on DIDs - CDRs are written after translations are applied.  What this means is, if you have 8 different DIDs, and they all have translation patterns that point them to (for example), extension 12345, the only thing that you will see in your CDRs would be calls to the extension 12345.

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