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CDR service on subscriber won't start

Level 4
Level 4

Hi , 


We are using CUCM  11.5.1 and i recently got complains form the customer that one of the subs don't send CDR . When I tried to restart CDR service it stoped working and I can't start the service since.

Any idea ? 

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Accepted Solutions
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Level 1
Level 1

Hi , 


I didn't find anything related to my problem their . (Clicked on the right answer by mistake). 

Any idea why I can't start the CDR service ? 



ALL CDR services are not working or STOPPED Working ?


can you please if you get an error what type of it ? 


from where are you trying to restart or start CDR Services ???


Need more explanation please 



Hi ,

After restart to the cluster  there is problem with 4 subs the service is runing and if I try to restart it's failling and don't start any more.I doing this from the serviceability page. 

Restart it using Utils from CLI to see what you get 





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