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CDR SQL Command to find all 911 calls in CUCM

Danik Therrien
Level 1
Level 1

Hi There, 

Could anyone help me get the right command to run an Sql command that will show me all the calls made to 9911 and 911 since march 24 2016?

I am not able to find anything in the CDR on cucm with !911.

run sql show all calls where callednumber is 9911 or 911 since march 24 2016

Let me know asap, 

Thanks A LOT !!!!

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Jitender Bhandari
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Below should help

Just look for the query format is you would not be using windows Call Manager.



I see the results. but it doesn't include the dates. 

What parameter should I include ?

I think it would not be able to show the date.


I don't know which method you're using to get the CDR data but if you're downloading the CDR file from CUCM serviceability (CSV format), you can use the dateTimeOrigination field. It's in UNIX epoch time format so you need to covert it to human-readable format. I like this website for the conversion:

Depending on how busy your CUCM system is, you may only have a couple of weeks' worth of CDR data.

I open the CSV in Excel to make it easier to work with the data. I know there's a formula in Excel to do that but I can't find it right off-hand. I sometimes import the data into an Access database and run a query for the records I need.

I copy the dateTimeOrigination data from the CSV file and paste it into the website and it converts the data to the date/time.

I hope that helps.