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CER 11.5 Unlocated Phones



I'm having some issues with the "unlocated phones" report from CER v11.5.4.50000-6.  I have many phones in the report with the status of "Switchport Configuration" under the "Why this ERL is used?" column.  Problem is that all the phones listed with this status are in the ERL db and all information for these phones are correct and valid between the ERL db and the CUCM information.  The switches which the phones are attached are also properly configured.  In fact some of the phones on a single switch will show in the unlocated phones report while other phones on the same switch do not.  Yes, even after running a switch update many times...  All phones are same model and switches are also same model, supported, and code rev.  It's starting to look like the "unlocated" phones report is static (14 pages worth) and never gets any smaller ever after making corrections; the report only grows.


I'm not finding any bug reports on this so far.  If anyone knows what might be going on here or has seen this, please let me know.  


Also, is there any possible way to flush out the "unlocated phones" report ?

Cisco Employee

Re: CER 11.5 Unlocated Phones



so first regarding the unlocated phones :


Emergency Responder obtains a list of registered phones from Unified CM and tries to locate all phones. If Emergency Responder cannot locate a phone behind a switch port or in any configured IP subnets, and the phone is not a configured synthetic phone, the phone is placed in the list of unlocated phones.


so far from your discription it seems you are using switch ports to track the phones, please answer follwing :


1) SNMP version you are using to track the phone?

2) is community string populated fine in CER and switch

3) try SNMP walk to the switch?

4) switch model affected?

5) so we have any working port of same switch?


follow :




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