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CER 7.0 and custom ERL numbering scheme

I have a customer that opted to go with a 4-digit numbering scheme, rather than a 5-digit and they have nearly depleted the available non-DID extensions for an upcoming phase of rolling out CER. They want to do approximately 1300 ERLs (zones) and have secured a DID number from the carrier to assign to each zone. The problem I have is this. I need to assign a number for the router pattern to integrate UC Manager with CER for each ERL and there are no contiguous number ranges left to use. I talked about the option of using their new DIDs and prepending a digit string such as "01" or "021" or something that would be the LEAST likely to already be used as part of the current dial plan and add NEW partitions to this number range to prevent anyone from inadvertently calling this number range from an end user phone. Does this seem like a feasible design alternative and what are the impact issues as far as interaction with CER, that I should be aware of?

Cisco Employee

Re: CER 7.0 and custom ERL numbering scheme


I don't fully understand the problem, but will help where I can and hopefully ask the right questions to help fully grasp the issue at hand.

The part I can answer is that to make sure end users can't dial the ELIN patterns is to make sure the inbound CSS on the GW is the only CSS that can reach those ELIN translation patterns.

Now for the questions:

1) How many digits is CUCM receiving from the Telco? 4 or 10?

2) Can you provide some examples of the problem you feel you are going to face? (feel free to use some X's so you don't advertise your DIDs and DNs)

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