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CER License 10.5 Question


Hello Everyone,

This is my first time posting on here and want to apologize ahead if I posted in the incorrect Community.  I did search the forum in hopes to find any answers regarding some licensing questions but didn't quiet find what i was looking for.

I recently just started working for a small school district (I'm new to CER) and we are running CER 10.5 with about 600 license installed for end devices.  In CUCM we have 567 registered phones and on Prime it shows we are using up 589 license for CER.  I found that the reason CER has a higher license usages than registered phones in CUCM was because the way we have our phone tracking on CER.  

We are currently switching out of cisco switches to brocade switches and cutover a small site of about 20 phones onto brocade.  We have IP subnet configured along with Manually added phones to track phones.  From what I was told, brocade switches aren't supported and CER won't track based by port, they have configure IP subnet and manually configuring phones so that PSAP can view the 911 call and see what room and site the call was made from.   

I'm not fully understanding why CER takes 2 license for 1 device.   I spoke to a Cisco engineer and he explained to me that the reason it is eating up 2 license for 1 device was because it was being tracked two different ways, for example manually added phone and IP subnet.   

From my understanding CER should only take 1 license per device no matter how many time it is tracked? 

" Cisco Emergency Responder server software and user licenses are ordered together as part of a configurable product part number. From Version 10, Cisco Prime License Manager manages user licenses for all Cisco Emergency Responder servers. One Cisco Emergency Responder user license corresponds to one device. " 

If we had a total of 600 devices and 600 license, and we wanted to manually add 600 phones and do a IP subnet to catch phones that wasn't manually added we would need double the amount of license? 

Thanks in advance

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Manish Gogna
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


As per the CER admin guide

You must purchase user licenses for every endpoint controlled by Unified CM cluster and tracked by Emergency Responder, including hard IP phones, analog phones, video endpoints, and clients.

You can choose not to track the phones in an IP subnet. If you do not track the phones in an IP subnet, then you do not need the Emergency Responder User Licenses for these phones.



First thank you for your reply,  I read over the document you sent me and it does make sense that 1 user license is used for every endpoint.  Maybe i'm just not fully understanding the configuration we have currently.  At each of our sites we have an IP subnet created on CER for the network devices,,, etc.  along with some manually configured phones we switched off of the cisco switch and on to our brocade switches. 

I know licenses are being used to track phones under the IP subnet because we do not have "Do not track phones under this IP subnet" and also using another license for phones we manually added.  Is this by design?  Is our configuration not of best practice to conserve licenses?

If phones aren't being tracked by CER because i turned off tracking for a particular subnet, would PSAP know the location of where the unlicensed phone is making the emergency call from?


You may be hitting a bug, unfortunately. Since you are on 10.0, you will be susceptible to hitting the following:

Hope this helps,


Steve H.


What happens if I add subnets and go out of compliance?  Working on getting more licenses but may take a while.  Will a 911 call still work with the new subnets?


Total phones tracked by the group of CER instances added to the Prime License Manager exceed the user licenses available. Please upload the additional user licenses.



Did you ever find out what happens if CER is out of compliance?  There is no way Cisco would throttle outbound 911 calls. 



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