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CFwdAll on Non-Primary Lines in CME


  I am aware that in CME (unlike in CUCM) the non-primary line can also be set to Call-forward if the CFwdAll soft-key is enabled in the "seized" state i.e. the user can simply press button 6 to put it in the seized state, then press the "CFwdAll" soft-key and enter the number to be forwarded to.

The problem is that a customer with a 7962G on CME with 6 buttons programmed is accidentally getting one of her non-primary lines (2-6) call-forwarded. I have verified that the "CFwdAll" soft-key is NOT enabled in the seized state but randomly she gets a message on her phone "6: Forwarded to xxxx" etc. and when I check the CLI, sure enough the ephone-dn has the "call-forward all xxxx"  set. As she does not have the soft-key enabled she is not able to "remove" the forwarding either unless we remove it from the CLI. The only other way I can think of to do this is through the CME GUI user page but she does not have access to this either. Is there any other way that this - "setting CFwdAll on the non-primary lines" can be achieved so I know how to prevent it?

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Re: CFwdAll on Non-Primary Lines in CME

Hi Charles,

If it were me I would just go ahead and give her access to the "seized" Call Forward

softkey This way, if it happens to get turned on, at least she has the proper access

to turn it back off without any intervention.

Just a thought.



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