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/CGI/Screenshot Error: <CiscoIPPhoneError Number="0">

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I have been working on an application that requires a screenshot of the cisco ip phone.

When i enter the phone ip address in my web browser it displays the phone information correctly,but when i append /CGI/Screenshot at the end its ip,it displays

<CiscoIPPhoneError Number="0">

I went through the documentation,and concluded that there is problem with the authencation with the call manager.

Please refer the following details:

1.Call Manager 8.5 running on Vmware ESX 4.1

2.Cisco IP Phones-7970 and 7941 with the latest firmware loaded required with CUCM8.5

3.Using IE7 running IIS

The following are the steps that i followed,please correct me if i missed out something:

1.Created an End User and an Application User on CUCM8.5 and associated the end devices. i gave the roles CCMAdmin user and APIUser.

CUCM ip-

7970 ip-

7941 ip-

2.Next on CUCM8.5

System->Enterprise Parameters

i replaced the URL authencation address 'cucmpub8' to its ip address ''(just to make sure if the phone is not able to resolve its hostname,so i replace it with its ip address)

3.Then on my web browser i entered the ip address of the 7970 phone


it correctly displays the information

Then i appended /CGI/Screenshot as: ''

i get a authentication screen,where i enter the credentials of the END USER

Then the issue arrises where i get a screen which only displays

<CiscoIPPhoneError Number="0">

Then i tried the same with APPLICATION USER and on 7940,but with no success

Please help guys if i'm missing out something.Please feel free to ask any further detail.

Any help of any sort is really appreciated.

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I had just tried it and it was successul on my CUCM .

All what i did was making sure that the user is associated with the Device and i gave it only end user role.

Can you please try it just like that.


Hi Amer

Thanks for the response.

I tried again by just giving the END USER role but with no luck.

After i enter the credetials it again gives the same error.

Could you please share the steps you followed?

or any other alternate method to run this app..


at first , the IP Phone wasn't associated with user , so when i enetered the link into my url (using IE 8.0.7600.16385) , i got the authnetication but i couldn't login because i had no roles on the end user , i updated the end user info by resetting the password , associate the physical device (ID is the same as extension) then i added the CCM end user , i made sure that i can login through the CCMuser link then i tried and i got the results, so i tried the CGI link and it was successful.


Hi Amer

     I am also working with vaibhav on the same issue.

I tried the same steps as u followed,but again with no success.

I am able to log into the CCMuser but i cant take the screenshot.

Is there any setting to be made in the Service Parameters or the Enterprise Parameters?

And also tried on CUCM 7.1.3,so there seems to be no issue with the CUCM version

Could you please share the details of the setup you are using,mainly CUCM and the end phones.




My CUCM is 7.1.5

I didn't update the service parameters except that everything using DNS i changed it to IP.

Have you tried to use a different IE version?



Can you please check the authentication URL on the enterprise parameters , is it correct and is it using IP not name.

Also make sure that the IP Phone itself doesn't use another authentication URL from the device configuration.


I found something else.

As i am sure you know that 7.1.5 has the latest firmware load , can you please try to download the latests firmware .


Few things to check with Error number "0"

  • Username and password are correct
    Ensure user is associated to the device in CUCM
    Ensure authentication URL on your phone/Enterprise Parameters is correct
    In some cases, I saw all of the parameters need to define in IP Phone Service even though it doesn't make any sense. Give a try!

  • Phone need to be reset after u do any changes in URL authentication.

  • You can test with latest firmware too of the phones you are using.

  • If nothing works, please capture the packets and see where it is going wrong.



Joseph Martini
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Here's a list of all the different error codes that can returned for reference:

I am having a similar problem but with a different phone type.  I am able to use the API calls on my 7945 or 7975 phones but it will NOT work on my 7937 (Conference Phone).  I keep getting the:

500 Internal Server Error

Rockpile Web Server Server at Port 80


I have verified that my credentials are correct and I am able to login to the ccmuser page with the account associated with the phone. 


Is the phone type not compatible?  I am essentially trying to send various commands to the phone.