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Change called number display on ip phone for outbound calls

Our SIP trunk provider has a fraud prevention option to use IP authentication for outbound calls.

A prefix is used if you choose to use IP-based authentication for outbound calls.

To use it: you define outbound allowed IP, then prepend the prefix before each call.

Format for NANPA(USA/Canada) calls must be 11-digit.

Example: To call NANPA (USA) - +1 310 555 1234, send the call to "99203947*".

Example: To call International (France) - +33 1 5871 1234, send the call to "99203947*".

We can make outbound calls with no problem, using translation profiles and translation rules.

The issue is, this is a reatil store, and there is some "end-user confusion" when they call an outbound number...and training is...shall we say...hopeless.

If the user dials 95551234.  The translation rules will strip the 9, adjust the called number to 99203947*13105551234 and the call goes out with no problem.

The phone displays 99203947*13105551234, and that seems to be the confusion.  We want to just not display the translated called number on the 79XX series ephones.  Basically, either 95551234, 5551234 or 3105551234.  The 10 digit option being the prefered method.  Basically, can we strip the 99203947*1 from the display?

I know there is a "Always Display Original Dialed Number" on CUCM.  We are using CME 8.6.  Is there something that can be done to accomplish the same thing?



Look at the transformation pattern called number transformation pattern and apply on either the device pool or the sip trunk.

Have a look here

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This seems to be for CUCM, not CME.  Also dialing transformations allow the call-routing component to modify either the calling number or the dialed digits of a call, which we don't need.  We just need the display on the IP Phone modified.

Could you please try "no remote-party-id" under sip-ua n check?

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"no remote-party-id" is already there.  I thought that had to do with the INVITE message itself.

do you have "no update caller-id" under sip?

voice service voip


   no update caller-id

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//Suresh Please rate all the useful posts.


You are aware this is NOT an issue with the caller ID, but the display of the phone?

Please check if this url is helpful

//Suresh Please rate all the useful posts.


I'm sure it's help to someone, but it seems like you aren't even familiar with the concept of what I'm talking about.  There is no CUBE involved in this.  This has nothing to do with the transport, or messaging of the communications.  This is about the cosmetics of the display on the IP phone.

sorry I miss read the CME part.

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