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Change Internal calling-number

Hello, we have a setup where there are 2 operators using CUACBE. 


When a user receives a missed call and tries to call back, the operators have often changed places and have to transfer calls to each  

Calls are routed to a queue that are handled by the operators.

The client would like that each operator appears to call from the same number as the line group, so that any user when calling back reaches the queue instead of an individual operator.


Could that be done by the described scenario?

Or are there any other possibilities of achieving a similar setup?




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Could you please try changing the external phone number mask of the operators phones to queue number and check?



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Hi suresh. 

This was tested but to no avail. 

External phone number mask is not affecting internal calls


are the calls going thru any translation pattern?


if not, then the only option I can think of is shared line configuration on those phones.

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Shared line configuration was our first option but then it is not supported by CUACBE.


If you could make the calls to go through Translation Pattern and have checked the box"Use Calling Party's External Phone Number Mask", then we can have the same external phone number mask for those phones calling out.

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Hello Suresh. 

Not sure I understand the values to input in the translation.


I am testing this in the lab and my extension is 239/ Internal_Partition.


Now I create a translation pattern for 239/Internal_Partition and check the "use external calling number mask" option.


Unfortunately the pattern is rejected as it says the pattern or DN already exists.


Yes, you can not have same pattern with same partition.


configure the TP as 2XX/Internal_Partition and assign the correct CSS also on that.


if phone-A calls your extn 239, then it would match the TP first and the external mask will be applied. so on your extn, you should be receiving the external phone number mask of Ph-A.



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Hi Suresh.

The setup that you have described will certainly work, but our issue is different. 

What we actually want to appear is either:

(1) Phone A (DN 10) calls phone B (DN11) but  appears as DN 20 or 

(2) Phone B calls back on DN 10 but the call is re-routed to a TP 20.


We have tested the second scenario which seems easier. Calls effectively get routed back to the queue. However when the operator tries to pick up, the call never gets connected since queue is configured to deliver calls to DN 11 (which is now again translated to 20 and gets stuck in a loop) 


That is why we are trying to get the 1st scenario to work. 


configure ph-A's DN as 10 and mask as 20. configure the TP 1X and check 'use external mask' box.


now when ph-A calls ph-B, it will match 1X and apply the mask as 20 and on ph-B it will display 20 instead of 10.


Please try this.

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hi suresh. 

I will try this and update asap.

Thanks for your time and patience.