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Change PRI D-Channel IE from Integer to Octect

We are implementing the integration of Nortel PBX with Cisco CUCM 8.6 using QSIG trunk.

When Nortel phone calls Cisco phones, if Cisco phone doesn't answer, the call gets forwarded to voicemail (Unity Connection 8.6), then Nortel PBX generates an error code saying it's unknown number/destination.

When Nortel phone calls the Auto Attendant number in Unity Connection, the Nortel PBX generates the same error code.

However, the regular calls from Nortel phone to Cisco phone, if Cisco phone answers (without going to Unity Connection), there is no error on Nortel PBX.

The issue seems to be whenever Nortel phones call into Unity Connection system, the Nortel PBX generates an error code saying unknown destination/number.

The technical support people for Nortel PBX is requesting me to check the D-channel programming to ensure that all messages are set up for integer and not octet. I don't know how I can change this on the Cisco voice gateway (QSIG trunk).

Anybody had same problem before or have any idea how to program Cisco voice gateway sending D channel IE using integer instead of octect? Is this doable on IOS?


paolo bevilacqua
Hall of Fame Master

That is not an issue. It is also a difference that doesn;t even exist. If the call fails, you have a different configuration problem/

What do you mean by "that is not an issue"?

Do you mean we can program the D-Channelto send all messages in integer instead of octet? we can't?

Could you please explain?

FYI, we don't have any problem making calls between the Cisco and Nortel PBX.


Please read message above. There is no such a choice anywhere in ISDN or QSIG protocols. If you can find there is, post to documenation.

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