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Change to First Redirecting Number for Call Routing in Unity Connection

Abdul Jaseem

Hi Experts,

In our Unity Connection "Use Last (Rather than First) Redirecting Number for Routing Incoming Call" is enabled.

I want to chive the below situation.

Phone A (x9600) >> Call Forward All to Phone B (9608) >> Call Forward All to Cisco Unity Connection.

When I call Phone A (x9600), it hits Phone B's voicemail box. I need to change that to Phone A's voicemail box.

Note:If we disable "Use Last (Rather than First) Redirecting Number for Routing Incoming Call" option by it is working as expected, but we are not supposed to disable that.

Thanking you in advance.


Mohammed al Baqari
VIP Advisor VIP Advisor
VIP Advisor

With the scenario you mentioned, I don't think you can achieve your goal while 'Use Last (Rather than First) Redirecting Number for Routing Incoming Call' is selected.

Hi All,

Got an alternate workaround.

Create a Hunt Pilot (x9630) >> Hunt List >> Line Group. In Hunt pilot, set call forward no answer, busy to voicemail pilot.

Under the Line Group, associate Phone B (x9608).

Now go to Phone A (x9600) line page and set call forward to Hut Pilot (x9630).

Configure the Hunt Pilot DN (9630) as an alternate extension for Phone A in CUC.

Everything works as expected. Thank you all.

Aseem Anand
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


It's not possible with the parameter being enabled however if the requirement is for a particular set of scenarios you can try playing around with forward routing rules to achieve this


Deepak Rawat
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

By default, the option is set to Use First (Rather than Last) Redirecting Number for Routing Incoming Call and if that would have been the case, the call will be going to the VM of 9600 only. However you have enabled the other one therefore call is going to VM of Phone B. Your only option now is to create Forward Routing Rule to match the Forwarding Station as 9608 in this case and then send it to VM of 9600



Hi Deepak,

I have tried Routing rules, if I select Forwarding station as 9608, the direct call to that phone even moved to vm of phone A.

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