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Changing a Cisco 8945 phone from a SIP image to a SCCP image without CUCM

Hi Cisco Community,

I am looking for some guidance on how to replace the SIP image and load a SCCP image into a Cisco 8945 phone. We have been reviewing the following link with hopes of better understanding the problem we are encountering. We reviewed the "Installing Firmware Zip Files" section and performed the recommended steps, but, we are now encountering the following on image "Cisco8945Error" attached to this question. The phone currently has SIP image 9-4-2-8. Also during my quest for an answer on how to fix this, I have ran into this question in Cisco Support Community in which I have read the following from Vadym Maliarov from Cisco...

""The Cisco IP Phone 8941 and 8945 support a new "secure by default" feature from 9.3(1) onwards, which requires devpack 8.0.3(24049)/8.5.1(14070)/8.6.2(22030) or higher installed on 8.x Cisco Unified Communications Manager before phones are upgraded to Firmware Release 9.3(2)SR1. If the correct devpack is not installed first, the phones cannot successfully register to the Cisco Unified Communications Manager!!! "

This is needed to support Security by default"

If this is true, then how would I load the "devpack" into the phone? I am under the impression that this is already in the image file itself, therefore there should be no other file to load. Also, my counterpart when loading it through TFTP he changed the .zip file into a .tar file. I believe he will need to download the .zip file again and unzip the file to move each file into the TFTP.

Your assistance will be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

Leo Laohoo
VIP Community Legend

I am looking for some guidance on how to replace the SIP image and load a SCCP image into a Cisco 8945 phone.

Without a CUCM, you'll need the following: 

1.  The complete SCCP firmware files for the phone; 

2.  A TFTP server; 

3.  DHCP Option 150; and

4.  A configuration file for the phone.

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