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changing an existing XML document in UCCX

I added this in the Call Centre section as well , as I wasn`t sure if that related to  UCCX and UCCE or just UCCE so forgive me 


I have a current script which references a document- list of users ID`s. I now need to add, modify this lsit to add new users


Question can I just  


Option 1 click on the doc in UCCX document manage  so it opens as an XML file , make  the  changes and refresh it  in the UCCX  

or do I need to 

Option 2 Click on the document , copy and paste it in to text file

Make changes

Save it as XML

Upload it to UCCX


If I upload it can I keep the same name so I do not need to make changes to the actual script?



Hi.You can right click and


You can right click and save xml document.

Than upload it again with the same name.








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Hithanks for the repliesJust


thanks for the replies

Just to be sure

If I click on the actual xml doc in UCCX, it opens a browser XML- Can I modify this directly ? and if so what do I need to do to save it. If I use the "back" arrow on the browser will it save it


Second. I copied an original xml and save it in notepad. I then made some changes and saved it as a new test doc as .xml . I then uploaded it under a new name in UCCX however when I tried to review it  via the doc page in UCCX it failed

How do I create a new XML doc



As for the new document, that

As for the new document, that process should have worked, but XML can be finnicky.  What error did you get when you tried to open it?  It can help to use the 'View Source' option in some browsers to see the actual text that your browser is trying to interpret as XML.




Actually, in UCCX, the above

To modify an XML file, you should download it (right-click and select Save As... in most browsers), modify the file, save the changes locally, and then upload the XML document.  Because UCCX is Linux based, you do not have direct access to the files, only through a web interface.



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I'm using chromeI click on

I'm using chrome

I click on the document down  load option -right click only brings up the normal browser save as,  open new tab etc. It then opens up the document in its xml format via the browser.  It does download as I expect as with sat the script where I'm offered save as options


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It was a formatting issue

It was a formatting issue when I uploaded it to UCCX- there was a minus sign  in text pad which I needed to delete when renaming it as .XML 

All ok now

thanks for your time

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