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Changing local SIP port on 2811 router

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Level 1

I tried this:


sip-server ipv4:

voice register global

mode cme

source-address port 5070

Also tried to change port for SCCP


ip source-address port 2001

I can telnet to default ports, but not changed

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You must use a different command:

listen-port (SIP)

To manually change the defined Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) listen port for UDP/TCP/TLS calls, use the listen-port command in SIP configuration mode. To reset the UDP/TCP/TLS port to the default value, use the no form of this command.

listen-port {secure | non-secure} port-number

no listen-port non-secure

Syntax Description


Specifies the TLS port value.


Specified the TCP/UDP port value.


Port number. Range: 1 to 65535. The default for UDP/TCP is 5060; the default for TLS is 5061.

Command Default

The port number is set to the default value based on the transport layer protocol used.

Command Modes

SIP configuration mode (config-serv-sip)

Command History



This command was introduced.


This command was integrated into Cisco IOS Release 12.4(20)T.

Usage Guidelines

The listen-port command is configurable on  both incoming and outgoing SIP calls, and is applicable for both TDM-IP  gateway and Cisco Unified Border Element (Cisco Unified BE) (previously  known as IPIPGW). The Cisco UBE gateway port number defined in global  configuration will be used for both In leg and Out leg. Before  configuring the SIP listen port for TCP/UDP/TLS, SIP service should be  shut down using the shutdown in SIP configuration mode. If SIP service is not shut down, the listen-port command flashes an error message saying "shutdown SIP service before  changing SIP listen port". This ensures that there are no active calls  when the SIP listen port is changed. The non-secure keyword is supported on non-Crypto images, and both the secure and non-secure keywords are supported on Crypto images.

The following restrictions apply:

Configuring the SIP listen port on a dial-peer basis is not supported.

Configuring same listening port for both UDP/TCP and TLS is not allowed.

Configuring the SIP listen port to a port that is already in use is not supported and results in an error message.

Changing  SIP listen port when Transport services (TCP/UDP/TLS) are shut down,  will not close or reopen the port. The result is that only the new port  number is updated. The new port will be bound when Transport services  (TCP/UDP/TLS) is enabled.


The following example shows the port number on a Crypto image being changed to port 2000:

Router(config-serv-sip)# listen-port secure 2000

The following example shows the port number being reset to the TLS default port:

Router(config-serv-sip)# no listen-port