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Changing schedule in Unity Connection

Fred Rawlings
Level 1
Level 1

How can I go about changing the schedule in Unity so that whenever one of the helpdesk users sign into the call agent, calls will immdiately go to him/her? Right now with the current setup, the calls coming into the helpdesk before 7am are sent to the helpdesk voicemail, so I'm trying to set it up to where calls are answered whenever there's a helpdesk person signed in on "ready" and when no one in the helpdesk is signed on, the calls goes to their helpdesk voicemail as usual.I trie editing the hours in the helpdesk, but that didn't work, is that the wrong section to make the change? Thanks in advance for any suggestions

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Chris Deren
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame

Since you are talking about "ready" state is there contact center application in the call flow here? Unity Connection has concept of call handlers to build auto attendants but no concept of logging in and changing states.

Please describe the call flow and let us know versions you are using of each application.

Hi Chris, 

Yes we're using UCCX and our Unity is 8.6.2ES.44.22900-44. 

Calls come into the helpdesk by dialing either the main office line and selecting the tech support option from the main menu, or by dialing the 877-xxx-xxxx which is direct to the helpdesk, the helpdesk is manned from 6:30a-11:30p, right now when a call comes in before 7am, it's routed to the helpdesk voicemail, I've been tasked with setting it up to where calls go to the voicemail only when there's no one signed on, no matter the time of day.

Then remove the day of week and/or time of day steps from the script and add "get reporting statistics" step and look at "Logged-In resources"and store the result in integer variable, then perform an if statement to check if the variable is >=1, if so proceed with the routing to CSQ, otherwise redirect to voicemail.

Here is an example snippet:


Thanks Chris I'll give that a try.

For some reason I can't view the snippet

Sorry about that, here it is.