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Changing Speed Dial Names in Call Manager on a 7960 with 2x 7914 Modules


I have a problem with getting the names on the dual expansion modules to change on a 7960 phone. I have tried just about everything that I can think of in regarding to changing the names of the speed dials. I have went in Device>Phone>associated Device. I have changed the name in the add on modules sections under speed dial button settings. I've done so in Related Links>Add/Update Speed Dials. The names that are needed are correct in the devices associated line information. I have Applied Config on the device several times after saving and the names still will not update. There are a couple names that will not change on the modules while everyone else has. System version:

Hope I have clarified enough info, as I am just getting familiar with Call Manager


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Hi there,

Hi there,

If you are referring to the name that is displayed against a particular speed dial button on the 7914 you would need to change the "label field" for that particular speed dial button.






Thanks for responding. Yes I have done that multiple times. I want to say that it is the physical phone itself although I am not 100% and that bugs me. I may need to try swapping devices. 


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I would do the following to

I would do the following to resolve it:

> Upgrade the module to latest firmware

> If above is yes, i will delete the phone + module and re-add it.

> If the above is done, i will restart my TFTP service and then reset the phone.

> if all of the above is done and the module is still displaying the old label, i will try to use it with another 796o and check it works it.

> If non of the above resolves the issue, i would go for the RMA of 7914.


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Currently working on it, I

Currently working on it, I will keep you updated when resolved. Thanks for the response Amit.


Firmware was upgraded in the

Firmware was upgraded in the 7914 sidecar first, and the 7960 was than upgraded, the TFTP service was started and phone was reset, and it has not resolved the issue. However, I did try a line appearance change on the phone and not one the sidecar and the new setting did not apply, so I am ruling it out a phone issue.  I do have a 7961G I will set up in place of the phone. 

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Could you please check if our

Could you please check if our database replication is in good state?

From the CLI : utils dbreplication runtimestate


Phone was replaced with a

Phone was replaced with a 7961G and all is well.

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