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China E164 Dial Plan - Re-dialing missed calls from mobile numbers

Daniel Isham
Level 4
Level 4

Hello all,

I'm implementing a new dial plan for our international sites that currently aren't on +E.164 format.

For China, dialing mobile numbers that are in the area don't require a zero, however if they aren't in the area they do require you to prefix a 0. They are used to having to adjust what they dial for this scenario.

The carrier sends the mobile numbers calling party without a zero regardless of where they are calling from.

My dilemma is in regards to redialing a missed call from a mobile number. All missed calls will now be in E.164 format without a leading zero (+861[3458]!). I am localizing the call on it's way out to the gateway via CdPTP but if for some reason that redial actually required a zero, I don't want to have them edit dial and put in a 0 after the country code (+8601[3458]).

I was trying to think of way using dialpeers - to send the call to the gateway without the leading zero every time and perhaps try it not using a zero first (preference 1), and if that fails, try another dial peer that includes the zero (preference 2).

The problem is that even if they prefix a 0 when they shouldn't, the call still connects but they get a message from the carrier, so as far as the router is concerned, it would most likely treat it as a successful call.

It is ISDN and was wondering if you know a way using dialpeers to accomplish what I need? Is there somehow a cause code or something that if that if using that dialpeer failed, or in my scenario played a message, to try the next dialpeer and prefix a 0?

Any advice is greatly appreciated!

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Hi there,


I was wondering if you ended up finding a viable solution for this issue? I'm looking at redoing the dial-plan for a customer with sites in China and just identified that this will also be an issue for me.