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Chrome v47 compatibility Call Manager GUI. drop down menus fail

Dennis Mink

Community peeps, 

Just throwing this out there to see if any of you have come across this as well.

Updated Chrome the other day to version 47.0.2526 and now it seems the drop down menus in Call Manager ar no longer working.   

any one  has a work around?  (other than using IE and downgrading like I did)   I am guessing Chrome 47.0. 2526 will be updated soon, as it seems very bug ridden.

PS there is some old post out there on the interwebs reporting the same issue back in 2010/2011, sound like some old faulty code has found its way back into the browser.


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saif musa


I had the same issue befor I switched to work on ubuntu. if you using windows OS, chick the link it will help.


Andy Backus

Yep, just upgraded to Chrome "47.0.2526.80 m" and CUCM 10.5, 9.x exhibit the same "menu drop down" issue you describe. I do not have the luxury to downgrade.

Hi Andrew,

Check this article it explains how to get over it and make CUCM GUI menus respond again:


Patching your browser or running an older version is not the solution Cisco. The WEB interface for Call manager needs to be changed to NOT use Active X or Java. Chrome is not the only browser that's affected. Quoting from a CNET Tech Republic article:

"After September, they’re going to discontinue support for NPAPI (Netscape Platform API) in Google Chrome, which will effectively make it impossible for Java applets to run. It will also break support for older versions of Adobe’s Flash (which has its own security problems), Silverlight (which nobody used), Unity, and the Facebook plugin.

There are rumblings that Firefox will soon join Chome in deprecating NPAPI, but so far nothing has really emerged. And, of course, NPAPI is still enabled on Internet Explorer, and Safari." I use Opera 34 and the recent update to it "broke" my ability to admin my call manager. Fortunately I have Opera 12.17 which still works. 

CCMAdmin doesn't use Java, Flash or ActiveX, so NPAPI support is irrelevant. The menus are driven by Javascript. I can't be bothered to work out what bit of Javascript is not working under Chrome. (That's kinda what I pay Cisco to do...)


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