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Cisco 2801 as a PBX/VXML Gateway?


Hi Folks,

I want to set up a small proof of concept IP-PBX system for R&D purposes. Specifically, I'm aiming to setup a mini Cisco PBX, and configure one of the extensions to be an IVR, calling onto our own custom dynamically-JSP-generated VXML applications.

At the moment all of our custom VXML apps are Genesys GVP friendly, however I'm curious to find out if there's much work involved with re-factoring them to play nice with Cisco's VXML browser and associated ASR/TTS engines.

My question - I have an old CISCO2801 sitting in the office (order description "2801 ROUTER/PWR 2FE 4SLOT 2HWICS 2AIMS IP BASE 64F/128D UK"). Is it possible to purchase an expansion module for this and configure it as an IP-PBX with VXML capabilities (including support for third party TTS/ASR engines)?

If so, I'll then purchase a single Cisco IP desk phone and register it against the 2801, call in and see if I can interact with our VXML apps.

Many thanks,


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paolo bevilacqua
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Hall of Fame Master

Yes, that can be done. You just need a RAM and Flash upgrade to support recent IOS.

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