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cisco 2911 mgcp gateway with fxs port issue

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Level 1

We are using a cisco 2911 router as mgcp gateway with one T1 and 4 fxs port. We have an issue of fxs port. Incoming call to the analog phone through fxs port is ok but for outgoing it doesn't work. We set the same CSS as normal ip phone. There is no issue of ip phone but the analog phone cannot call out. I have ran debug isdn q931 and there is nothing when using the analog phone to make outgoing call. Any expert has idea of the issue?

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Jaime Valencia
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

If you try to make a call thru there what do you hear??



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Busy tone. Very strange that if I call to ip phone, it will go to ip phone's voicemail without ringing the ip phone.

Sounds like dial-peer issue.

Did you try to reset the gw (no mgcp, mgcp)?

The router has been rebooted several times. I have tried "debug voice dialpeer inout" but there is nothing output during I dial from analog phone.

So from external (pstn) and internal (ip phone) to the analog phone work well.

From the analog to the ip phone you get the vm of the ip phone.

From the analog to external you get a busy.

And you don't See anything in the debug on the gateway??

Even Not at the working part?

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Udit Mehrotra
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Make sure that the "service mgcpapp" dial-peers for the FXS port are placed above in config over other H323 dial-peers.

If you can provide the output of "show run | s dial-peer", I can check if this is a dial-peer issue.