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Cisco 2911 VIC2-4FXO have orange LED when installed on NM-HDV2 Question


Dear All,

We have Cisco 2911 router that come with configuration like this:

  • MEM-2900-512MB, qty:1
  • MEM-CF-256MB, qty:1
  • SL-29-IPB-K9, qty:1
  • SL-29-UC-K9, qty:1
  • PWR-2911-AC, qty:1
  • SM-NM-ADPTR, qty:1
  • VIC2-4FXO, qty:5 (1 VIC2-4FXO card installed on NM-HDV2)
  • NM-HDV2, qty:1
  • PVDM3-16, qty:1
  • FL-CUE-PORT-2, qty: 4
  • ISM-SRE-300-K9, qty:1

Cisco 2911 come with IOS version 15.0(1r)M15

Cisco Unity Express 8.6.1 in slot/sub-slot 0/0

After we turn on Cisco 2911, we found that VIC2-4FXO card have Orange LED when installed on NM-HDV2.

On Show version it says "20 Voice FXO interfaces", but when we show voice port summary it only show voice port from 0/0/0 until 0/3/3.

We have try show diag, the result NM-HDV2 and VIC2-4FXO card that installed on NM-HDV2 has detect.

We have try installed another VIC2-4FXO on NM-HDV2 and the result is same (VIC2-4FXO have orange LED when installed on NM-HDV2)

Our question:

- What cause VIC2-4FXO have Orange LED when installed on NM-HDV2  and cannot detect by show voice port?

- Are PVDM3-16 have correlation with amount VIC2-4FXO card that use?

- What command that can use to check license FL-CUE-PORT-2 already installed on Cisco 2911?

We hope you can give us information about it

Thanks For Your Attention

We attach Cisco2911 with VIC2-4FXO have orange LED when installed on NM-HDV2. Show version, show diag and show voice port summary

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VIP Alumni


can you check if your NM-HDV2 has any PVDM resource on board.

I think your order should have included a


For the NM module

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Dear All,

Thanks for information that you give to us. We have checked that Cisco 2911 only have 1 PVDM3-16 installed and NM-HDV2 does'nt have PVDM resource on board.

We have report it to our manager.

Thanks For Your Attention

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