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Cisco 3905 Phone Basic instead of Essential


I understand this phone requires an Essential License, but it appears this customer has purchased Basic licenses instead. Can these phone borrow the Basic licenses or utilize the Basic licenses? Version is 9.1 CM. Not ideal but this is what we're faced with. Please advise. I'm just the messenger, not my fault.

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Chris Deren
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Hall of Fame Master

All phones can borrow from upper tier, it is done automatically.


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Hello Chris Deren,

I have one question.

I have six licenses basic and six IP Phone 3905 catching this license, but if configuration new 3905, any IP Phone lose licese Basic and get license Essential.

The my system had one problem, with licenses that provision for two ip phone 3905 how basic with total of eight.


in CUCM 10/11 3905 needs UCL Essential:

Since Basic is higher tier it can it be borrowed for this device model as well.  


But, I have licenses Essential in CUCM, but he get license of the type Basic

What version are you on?

Are you saying all existing 3905s are using basic but new ones added use Essential? 

My version  is 10.5

Yes, first the ip phone 3905, get license basic and after of the pass 6 (license number) it get Essential. But I did have problem because the telephone not change license, same with license available, the license DEMO was installed to correcting the problem, but the problem can go back after 6 months.

Why the IP Phones get licenses wrong?

Sounds like some kind of refresh license bug.  I would open a TAC case to troubleshoot. I was unable to locate any related bug.

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