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Cisco 4331 router MoH from CUCM

Michael Schmidt


we have one installation with Cisco 4331 router configured as H323 gateway at CUCM.

The problem is that callers from outside don`t hear MoH when they are hold or transfered. They hear nothing while hold or tranfser.

MoH internal is working.

The configuration is mostly the same as at other installation with Cisoc 29xx routers as H323 configured where MoH to external is working fine.

At the Cisco 4331 gateway at CUCM the MRGL is configured to use CUCM as MoH source.

Actually in the gateway at CUCM "Media Termination Point Required" is disabled as when I enable it the external call will be immediately disconnected when I press hold or transfer.

Is there something special to configure to get MoH over the Cisco 4331 router?



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Hi everyone, has anyone managed to come up with a solution to this issue. I'm experiencing the same problem with music on hold problem with PSTN calls.

Thanks in advance.

I'm also experiencing exactly the same situation. Also highly interested to hear if anyone has found a workaround.

I found that enabling duplex streaming under Service Parameters -> CallManager resolved the issue for me.

Thanks for the post - setting duplex streaming to True as indicated above fixed the problem for me as well.  Never had an issue with the many 2900's we have in use but first 4331 deployed this came up.

For me also this solved the problem:

Clusterwide Parameters (Service) -> Duplex Streaming Enabled -> True

Worked for me too.

Worked for me too.

CUCM 8.6

Cisco 4431 Version 16.03.03

Can you check the codec configured on the remote side and make sure that it isn't using G729


In addition to what Rajan suggested, please post the output of show call active voice brief and debug h225 asn

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