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Cisco 562 headsets with multi-base- computer input- multiple audio issues

We recently obtained 2x Cisco 562 headsets with multi-base units.

They both are experiencing audio issues, in regards to the computer\laptop input.

The symptom is that the left channel audio output is played in both "sides" of the headset; the right channel audio is not played at all.

We can replicate the issue across 2x different units, across a Windows and Mac laptop, with multiple apps.

Additionally, on the MacBook Pro, if you lower the volume all the way and\or mute the audio output, there is still audio being heard via the headset- I have never had a headset, speaker, etc., continue to output audio once a system "mute" had been enabled.


It was like pulling teeth to even have Cisco to allow us to open a TAC case on these headsets; we are still escalating\playing BU musical chairs currently.

They seem to be open to processing an RMA on either\both units, but I do not believe that it is a hardware issue.

Both headsets are running 1-0-2-10; my UC admin swears they were running 10-0-3-10 but now he doesn't see that, nor sees it on the download site either.

Basically, as the customer we are REALLY frustrated that we have purchased ~ $400 headsets that can't do something as basic as stereo playback and\or mute when connected to computer source.

There are numerous competing vendors that offer headsets without all the headaches, for a lower price point.

I am hopeful that Cisco will acknowledge the issues, and fix them, so that we can continue to make recommendations on Cisco-branded solutions.


I am extremely curious if anyone else with a 562, and multi-base, can test and\or confirm they are experiencing the same symptom(s) outlined above?




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