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Cisco 7821 remote branch phone not able to register to CME..10.5

Hello Team,

I am trying to register remote 7821 phone by changing its TFTP IP to CME and after deleting ITL/CTL file but still it is not registering..

Local phones i.e. 7821 and 3905 are register and working fine..

enclosed is the logs for your reference.

between both site I am getting latency less then 50ms.

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attaching few more logs for

attaching few more logs for reference..

Hi what's the MAC address of

Hi what's the MAC address of your remote phone 7821?

I suggest to isolate by trying to setup a CIPC using SIP in the remote site. You can collect packet capture from a machine with a CIPC.

the mac address of remote

the mac address of remote phone is 2C3E.CF86.6439 and I have configured it under voice register pool 3.. How to configure CIPC as SIP?? actually CIPC is also located in remote site and it has been register properly..

voice register pool  3
 busy-trigger-per-button 2
 id mac 2C3E.CF86.6439
 type 7821
 number 1 dn 3
 template 1
 cor incoming local-CSS default
 no digit collect kpml
 dtmf-relay rtp-nte
 description 5800
 codec g711ulaw
 no vad


Copy the voice register

Copy the voice register commands on a notepad and delete the config. Under voice register global try adding authenticate register command and then do a create profile after copying everything else.
Use create profile command as the last step after copying Voice register global, pool and DN.

The authenticate register command is strongly encouraged for everyone to implement in their SIP configuration. When a SIP phone attempts to register to CME it will be challenged by CME
for authentication credentials using MD5 hash. This prevents users from either simply hijacking a SIP identity by spoofing a MAC address. By default, when not using MD5 hash, CME compares
the MAC address entry in the voice pool against its own ARP table entry to see if there is a match.




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Abhay Singh Reyal
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Hello Abhay,

Hello Abhay,

Thanks for your reply.. but after putting this command, none of my IP phone got registered.. even locally SIP phone model 7821 and Cisco 3905 got unregistered..

So , finally I decided to remove this command, after then only things got normalize..

Still I am not sure what is the issue for phone to not get register in CME.., pls help

Best Regards

Anil Singh

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