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Cisco 7945 Different Image Registration Issue with CUCM



I have a CUCM working properly with Cisco IP 7945 from long time ago while we are now adding new IP phones from the same model as an expansion. We have an issue regitsering the new ones even though its from the same model. After i diagnouse it shows that the only differnce on the image:

1. Old verion image CP-7945   = SCCP45.9-0-2SR2S

2. New verion image Cp-7945 = SCCP45.9-3-1SR1-1S

While the CUCM database shows on the default image is = SCCP45.9-0-2SR2S. Kinldy what is the better method to resolve this issue upon the differnet version of SCCP of the same IP phone model, advise?


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Rob Huffman
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Hi Humam,

Just to add some new fun into things, you now have to watch for

new "Hardware" versions as well. This will also impact the upgrade

& downgrade determinations made by certain phones when they

look to register. So your new phones won't downgrade to the older version.

Hardware Updates

The hardware updates improve the compatibility of internal phone components.

The following table lists the updated hardware versions that require this release.



Hardware Version

Cisco Unified IP Phone 7942G

15.0 and higher

Cisco Unified IP Phone 7962G

15.0 and higher

Cisco Unified IP Phone 7945G

13.0 and higher

Cisco Unified IP Phone 7965G

13.0 and higher

Cisco Unified IP Phone 7975G

12.0 and higher

Phones  manufactured with these hardware versions must run Firmware  Release  9.3(1)SR1 or later. The phone firmware does not allow the phone  to be  downgraded to releases earlier than Release 9.3(1)SR1.



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Dear Rob,

I'm looking of how to resolve this issue, do you have any advices?


In addition to what Mr. Rob has said [+5], what is the CUCM version u are using?

Further, why do not you try uploading the image on one of the new IP phones  using Phone LOAD NAMe i.e. upgrade IP phone individually.



2 ways to solve it:

1. install latest firmware for these phones on your TFTP servers, then the phones will upgrade fine

2. Hard code these phones with load SCCP45.9-3-1SR1-1S, this will they will not attempt to downgrade to the default one



Dear Chris,

If I upgrade the CUCM TFTP with the latest firmware, does that will affect the old versions IP Phones from working properly, kinldy advise?

From other hands, how i can hard code IP phones, kindly advise?


I had this problem with new 7965s. We had to upgrade f/w to match new hardware version. We upgraded devices to 9.3.1.x across the cluster to the new f/w version for all applicable devices.

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After your restart tftp service and reset all phones they will all download the latest defined firmware under device defaults and upgrade. So, yes this will affect other phones as well.



Hi Humam,

In addition to what Mr. Chris has said[+5] , u can keep the old firmware SCCP45.9-0-2SR2S under Device --device defaults.

While under Phone Load name for new 7945 phones, u can Hard Code the SCCP45.9-3-1SR1-1S firmware and perform the upgrade.



Hi Humam,

I have also faced the same problem and below is steps how I resolved it.

1. First check the firmware you are using for the existing 7945 phones. (Device ---> Device setting --- > Device default)

2. Copy the existing firmware and keep it with you. Next upgade with the new one.

3. You will find in device default firmware has been changed to a new one.

4. Now replace the new firmware name by the old one.

5. Restart the tftp service.

6. Now under the phone load name u hardcode the new firmware and reset the phone. If it does't work perform factory reset.

Hope this will solve your problem.


Amarjit Das

Dear Amarji,

I start doing the upgrade procedure and i had the error message as attached snap shot, kinldy advise?

Dear Aman,

I fallow the same steps and when i do arrived the installtion/upgrading steps get this error message that I'm asking about? Any advise on what is th reason?


you can refer the DOC

secondly, which software u are using for uploading phone firmware?try using freeftpd SFTP Software and make sure sftp service is running, username and password are correct.enter username as just administrator



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