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Cisco 7945 not talking to the Subscriber


Hello I am implementing a new 8.0 UCM system with 2 UCM servers. I have installed many systems and the configuration is valid but some phones after a period of time seem to be able to only register to the publisher and thinks that its SRST reference is its default gateway (which is a switch). The SRST reference on the device pool is currently disabled. And for some reason deleting the ITL, and CTL file and reseting the phone in UCM seems to fix the issue. But after a period of time the phone will "break" its configuration.

Symptoms of a "broken" phone are as follows:

  • No access to personal / Corporate directory says HOST NOT FOUND
  • If the Publisher goes down the phones will not fail over because it thinks its SRST reference is its Default Gateway and has no knowledge of the Subscriber
  • No access to any configured phone services.
  • under Settings > Device config > Locale > it says Local version "Built-In" Where the others show

All the phones are the same model, were added the same way (TAPS) and are in the same device pool, running SCCP45.9-0-3S for the phone load.

I'm thinking to downgrading/upgrading the phones to a different version. Does anybody have any suggestions or a better phone load to use?

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I suggest to delete one phone and add it again and see if there is any problem on this phone later or no.

Did you check the staus of DB replication, see this document:


"No access to personal / Corporate directory says HOST NOT FOUND"


"No access to any configured phone services."

Did you change the URLs in Enterprise Parameters? if now change them.

Good Luck

I have checked the DB replication status and everything checks out okay. I downgraded the phones to SCCP45.9-0-2-SR2S and I havent seen the issue happen again. But for some phones they do not get the new phone load. They still have the "host not found" issues. The only way I get them to work is to delete the CTL / ITL file which then causes it to contact the TFTP server and triggers the new firmware download.

I'm almost wondering if I am running into a possible bug either with the phone load versions or with my call manager version in regards to the ITL / CTL files.