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Cisco 7945G not registering on Procurve switch

Hi everyone,

I configured a HP Procurve 5406Rzl2 switch chassis so some users can be migrated from an existing Cisco switch (managed by 3rd party) to the new HP one. We have two phones connected, both 7945Gs, one V4 and the other V16. After running through the really detailed guide from HP and implementing -

cdp mode pre-standard-voice
lldp config A2-A24,B2-B24 medTlvEnable network_policy
lldp config A2-A24,B2-B24 medTlvEnable capabilities 

I managed to register the V16 phone successfully. The V4 phone I believed was registered, but returning today and it's reporting as unregistered.

I've disabled PoE, reset the port, added poe-lldp-detect enabled also, but no success re-registering the phone.

The basic topology is [Call Manager] -- [Core Procurve] -- [Access Procurve (5406Rzl2)] -- Phones. Both phones are receiving IP addresses according to CDP and LLDP neighbours. Show CDP and LLDP give identical information (bar MAC and IP of course).

If anyone has any ideas that would be great.

Thanks in advance,


Philip D'Ath

Have you enabled CDP and configured a voice VLAN so the phones can dynamically insert themselves into the site voice vlan?

Hi Philip,

Thanks for the quick response, this is the response when entering show lldp info remote A7 (phone not registering)

As far as I can tell the phone has been told what VLAN is voice.

# show lldp info remote a7

LLDP Remote Device Information Detail

Local Port : A7
ChassisType : local
ChassisId : SEP001122334455
PortType : local
PortId : Port 1
SysName :
System Descr : SCCP45.9-3-1SR3-1SCisco IP Phone 7945
PortDescr :
Pvid :

System Capabilities Supported :
System Capabilities Enabled :

Remote Management Address
Type : ipv4
Address :

Local Port : A7
ChassisType : network-address
ChassisId :
PortType : local
PortId : 001122334455:P1
SysName : SEP001122334455.domain
System Descr : Cisco IP Phone 7945G,V4, SCCP45.9-3-1SR3-1S
PortDescr : SW PORT
Pvid :

System Capabilities Supported : bridge, telephone
System Capabilities Enabled : bridge, telephone

Remote Management Address
Type : ipv4
Address :

MED Information Detail
EndpointClass :Class3
Media Policy Vlan id :5 <- VOICE VLAN
Media Policy Priority :5
Media Policy Dscp :46
Media Policy Tagged :True
Poe Device Type :PD
Power Requested :12.0 W
Power Source :Unknown
Power Priority :Unknown

On the phone this is working, the output is identical (bar IP address and MAC/name of course).

I'll post on the HP forum also.


Looks like I've had initial success with a factory reset of the handset.

Will move some more across and watch for the results.

We've found differing results with the hardware version of 7945 phones.

Of the V4, V8 and V16s -

V4 - initial success after factory reset with registration and call capability. Once rebooted, fails with "registering"

V8 - initial success after factory reset with registration and call capability. Once rebooted, some continue to work, some fail

V16 - initial success after factory reset with registration and call capability. Once rebooted, more continue to work, less fail

I have logged a case with HP who so far haven't been able to discover any issues with configuration (CDP neighbors is on in rxonly mode, but the phones are configured for LLDP-MED).

Any thoughts?

Philip D'Ath

You might be better off asking this question on an HP switching forum rather than a Cisco one.

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