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Cisco 7970 Phone not booting after Factory Reset

Giovanni Ceci

Hey Community,

I got a Cisco 7970G IP phone that won't boot up after I did a factory reset. It was booting up prior to doing so. Here is what is happening when I plug it in:

- Screen shows "Cisco Systems - Copyright 2002-2005, Cisco Systems, Inc", and has a checkmark on the bottom left corner

- The line buttons are lighting up in sequence from top to bottom

- The Headset key is lit and stays that way

- After about 15 seconds, the screen dims and the check mark changes to a bullseye sign.

- There is no response from any of the keys when pressing them (including the Settings Key)

This process repeats and repeats. I checked the Bug Toolkit, and I found one that may match, but it doesn't have the same symptoms: CSCsc48289

Has anyone ever experienced this and knows how to fix it?




Are you using CUCM/CUCME?

What version of CUCM/CCME are you running. It is possible that the firmware on the server is to high for the phone to upgrade to. This is a common problem. In this case you need to phone to download a lower firmware first eg 8.5.X

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CUCM v. I would think if the phone was even trying to load the screen would show something. I will throw some logging on to see what the phone is doing on the network.

What you can do is use a tftp software like tftpd32. Download firmware files on it. On your DHCP scope, put your option 150 as the ip address of the machine hosting the tftp server.

Then power on the phone and observe what files the phone is trying to download that is if it makes it that far

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That did the trick! I had to start with the 6.0(3)_SR1 package but I'm slowly moving through the versions one at a time to make sure it doesn't have the same issue again. Thanks!!!


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