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Cisco 7970 Phone not booting after Factory Reset

Shiv Raman

Cisco 7970 Phone not booting after Factory Reset

I followed the below mentioned Factory reset method

1) power off the phone (if using inline power, just remove the ethernet)

  2) hold the hash (#) button down

  3) supply power to the phone (if inline power, just insert the ethernet) while still

holding down the hash button

4) when the line buttons scroll down orange, you can take your finger off the hash button

  5) now press the following buttons: 3491672850*#

  6) the line buttons should continue to scroll, but now they should be red

  7) after about 60sec, this will change to green, and the phone should the boot up


The usual reset method with the Sequence 123456789*0# just took me to the Splash scrn with the Bulls eye and the Cisco logo. So I tried the other method of factor reset what u mentioned the sequence 3491672850*# . The line buttons did a scroll of red and after that the phone didnt boot up. Instead the mute button flashed red and then speaker button turned green for few sec and then the lne 1 blinked orange and after that there was no sign of power at all. When i reconnect the power adapter it does the same thing. (mute button flashed red and then speaker button turned green for few sec and then the lne 1 blinked orange and after that there was no sign of power at all.) . Pls help me to get this fixed.

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I had a similar problem with a 7970 that was completely bricked.  I had tried separate tftp server (TFTP32) and firmware. 

I found, using  as separate tftp sever such as above worked; but only after using Option 66.  Option 150 would only send the Term70 file but fail.  Once I changed to option 66 all the files downloaded fine and phone unbricked.


Hope this helps

Hi Geoff,

I only managed to reach to the stage (see attached) and again it went to the "bulleye" screen. Any idea?

Try firmware 8-5-2, I had the same problem.

I did a hard reset and the phone couldn't even talk to the TFTP server (my laptop) to copy the firmware.

I guess the phone is totally condemned. 

Anyway, thanks for your reply.

If your phone is blank, then it means that the super hard reset has worked. Just make sure that your dhcp is working correctly and serving the correct options. I hit this wall also. Tftpd wasn't working as planned, per the reason I had to use our known working dhcp server. Opt150 and 66 from memory. When your phone sits blankly, it can't see your cucm iirc

I used the production DHCP server (the same server I used before I performed super hard reset) but still no luck. Anyway, appreciate your responses and suggestions.

Can you log onto the related switch and check layer 1 and 2 connectivity? Ie; change cable, check for mac in show mac address-table? If you can see mac, the the phone is still trying to get an ip, once obtained (viewed from dhcp server - phone will still remain blank) it will look for those two specific files, (can see transfer on tftpd, once gathered, change dhcp option 150 and\or 66 location from laptop, back to cucm. Phone will take a while, but should "un-brick" Also if you haven't already, check the other forum post that I reposted my original response from.

Thanks Geoff. Able to see the MAC address and also it's getting IP address. Realized the issue was due to the Windows Firewall. 

Turned it off and the phone managed to talk to tftpd. However, back to the same stage I encountered 1 week ago.

Connection received from on port 51559 [16/12 10:43:38.479]
Read request for file <term62.default.loads>. Mode octet [16/12 10:43:38.479]
Using local port 65463 [16/12 10:43:38.479]
<term62.default.loads>: sent 2 blks, 674 bytes in 0 s. 0 blk resent [16/12 10:43:38.489]


I am using 8-5-2 (see attached). Is this the correct firmware that you are referring to?


That's right, so the default loads have transferred ok. So now change your options to point back to cucm... As long as your device is setup correctly, it should now register.

Unfortunately, this doesn't happen to my phone. It is still showing blank screen. 


"Once recovered completely - takes about 5-10 minutes (works for both from Blank screen and Bullseye Errors) I reverted the option 150 to point back to my CUCM server, power cycled my phone and it continued the update process to the latest firmware."

Ah yes. Sorry it has been months since I worked on it. Having a trawl through the other thread, you may find that the connection is timing out on the tftpd end. Please increase timeout, I would not go lower than 90 seconds if you have the time I would set it to 300 seconds and let the phone sit facing the laptop tft server for a good hour. 8-5-2 seemed to be the magic firmware for me, it seems that cisco changed some encryption or signing or some such noise, couple that with the later versions of cucm 8+ I believe, the older phones need a stepped firmware upgrade after a full factory reset. This problem is becoming more and more common. These forums are a gold mine for people like us as long as the posts are accurate, full of information, including step by step information. Its the last thing that you feel like doing after a long painful solution, but the more we can help, the less "google-fu" the next person has to do. As we both know, the cisco website is less than friendly, its chock full of information and your answers are all in there, but its very much like finding a needle in a haystack. If you could plug in your parameters, version numbers firmware information etc, it would be very useful to narrow down the search window on documentation and known bugs. Let me know how you go.

Tried setting the timeout to 300 sec and waited for more than 30 mins but nothing happened. Perhaps 8-5-2 doesn't work for my case?


CUCM version: 

IP Phone Model: 7962

Active Load: SCCP42.9-3-1SR1-1S

Device Default Load Information: SCCP42.9-1-1SR1S


Note: The new batch of IP Phone that we purchased were pre-loaded with SCCP42.9-3-1SR1-1S. I recall when I performed factory default reset previously in one of the old batch IP Phone, it was able to boot up properly. Not sure if it has anything to do with the load information.


Hey Mate,

after you let the device sit for 30 minutes pointing at your laptop, did you then try to point to cucm?

what's your latest update?

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