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Cisco 8845 with plantronics headset and EHS cable won't ring in the headset after upgrade to 12.5 loads

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We have many 8845 phones with Plantronics headsets (CS540 mostly) with the proper EHS cable that before the upgrade to 12.5 would beep in the headset when a call came in.  We were using sip8845_65.12-1-1SR1-4 and it worked fine.  With 12.5, it no longer makes any sound at all.  We can't find any setting to turn it back on so we're starting to downgrade phones with headsets.  Does anyone have any ideas?

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We upgraded 8845 phone firmware to SR3 and problems headset Ring Tone and transmit audio persisted at which point we wanted to rule out the Jabra PRO925 as being the problem. We took our 8845 phone back to SR1-4, reset Jabra settings and was back to original problem of No Ring Tone, unplugged/disconnected the headset, upgraded the phone to SR2-2 and resolved all problems. It appears leaving the headset connected to the phone during upgrades hosed it up.