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Cisco 8851 CUCM/Unity Connection deployment

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We use CUCM/Unity Connection deployment.

We are a school system, parents call into an attendance line and leave 100's of  voicemail messages daily.   We have these calls forwarded directly into a voicemail.  

How do we get a message waiting indicator when a line is set to forward calls to voicemail?

These lines are sent straight to voicemail but we need to know when there is a message waiting on the line.  

Thanks for any help, we are beginners a this as our predecessor recently retired. 

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In the voicemail box for the attendance line, navigate to Edit > Message Waiting Indicators

The numbers listed here are the numbers that CUCM will sent MWI to when a voicemail is left. By default, an MWI record is created sending MWI to the extension listed for the VM box. If, in CUCM, the number associated with the voicemail box is a CTI Route Point or a Route Pattern, then the MWI sent to CUCM will 'go nowhere' in CUCM and not light up any phones.

What we have done in our environment for numbers like this is to create the same number in a dummy partition (you might call this partition "MWI_Only_PT" or something) and put that number (9725551234/MWI_Only_PT) on phones that would be responsible for retrieving these voicemails. Since the number would be in a non-dialable partition this line would not receive any phone calls. But if that partition is in the CSS of the trunk to CUC, then CUC can send MWI to that number and the phone would light up when a voicemail is left in the box of the associated extension. Even better, the users of the phones could press that line button, then press the Messages button and be taken to that voicemail box for login.


Thank you, we will try this