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Cisco 8851 IP Phone > Hot keys info?

We just rolled out the 8851 model phones to one of our offices, and are working out the kinks.


Wondering if there is any guide, or info regarding any potential "Hot Keys" for this model.


On the prior model phone (not a Cisco model), the users could press "0" which would allow them to skip the

intro for each voice message.


They would also like to know if there are available hot keys to forward vms, as well as to delete vms.


The Quick start manual does not have any info that pertains to this, and I haven't been able to dig up the info from any of the other documentation that is on the Cisco site.


Thanks very much



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Re: Cisco 8851 IP Phone > Hot keys info?

You will want to check out the key mapping sections in the unity connection guide it will walk you through how you can set up custom items per the page.  By default you are most likley using the classical conversation.  You can check by checking a user and see what is configured under the phone menu.  Link below should show you what the default are.



Below the options items that can be customized and changed


Play new messages
2Send a message
3Review old messages
4Change setup options
5Find messages
6List meetings
7Play external messages
8Cancel or back up
10Manage call handler greetings
11Manage broadcast messages
12Repeat menu options
13Call a number
14Play draft messages
15Switch between using the phone keypad and using voice commands
16Change alternate greeting
17Change phone password
18Change recorded name
19Recall sent messages



Also when you call a user mailbox the default caller inputs are below, but note this is different than the hot keys your looking for.


Table A-1 Default Actions Assigned to Phone Keypad KeysWhen Callers Press This Key Cisco Unity Connection Does This


Skips the greeting.


Prompts the caller to sign in.


Sends the caller to the Operator call handler.

1 through 9

Ignores the caller.

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Re: Cisco 8851 IP Phone > Hot keys info?

Thanks very much.


Apologies - I'm not at the office where these phones were deployed, so will have to walk someone through. Whereabouts in the settings on the phone would I locate what keys are currently configured.


And one more query - are the custom updating of the keys something that is done on the back end, or can the User do

this on the phone?


Thanks again!

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Re: Cisco 8851 IP Phone > Hot keys info?

There are no hotkeys tied to digits on the phones for any purpose that you configure directly in the device, if they perform something in particular, it's configured in the backend server, CUCM, CUC, UCC, etc (assuming you use Cisco in the backend). and it's not something the end user can modify.



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Re: Cisco 8851 IP Phone > Hot keys info?

Hi Jaime,

Thanks very much for that clarification.


If I’m reading both your reply, and also Gregory's correctly, there are pre-programmed shortcuts  that are available depending on what “Conversation” has been pre-configured for the phones, and then any type of “hotkey” would need to be configured on the back end, providing we have the correct server.


Thanks again!



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Re: Cisco 8851 IP Phone > Hot keys info?

The pre-programmed short cuts are configured by the system admin, they are available only when you are checking message or invoking another conversation.


There are also caller inputs that system admin can set up per mailbox or call handler that can be used to skip the message that is played before a voice mail is left go to different destination etc. But these once again are accessed when you are already called into the voice mail system.





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Re: Cisco 8851 IP Phone > Hot keys info?

It is done from the system administration.