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Cisco 9971 and VPN on CUCME 9.1


I'm trying to locate a configuration guide for how to configure VPN on a 9971 phone when using a CUCME system.

This is for my home-lab so can play with this any which way. I have Anyconnect on a ISR.

I assumed, there would be VPN options under the phones menu, however there is nothing that relates to VPN. So, do I need to enable this from CUCME or do I need to configure it fully under CUCME?

Thanks in advance!



Has anyone any ideas how to enable the VPN client application on this device? I cannot see any documentation as to this.


You need to create a common phone profile that points to a VPN profile and group.  Also need to configure a VPN gateway.  This is what I have done on 8.5.1

Hi thanks for the reply. Is this documented anywhere i.e. any guides I can follow to complete this?

Any configuration you could share would be helpful but no worries if not. I know where the common phone profile is so will us the context help to see if that sheds any light..

As far as I can see the vpn profile and group are for SCCP Skinny phones and not the 9971 SIP phone...

I also had to enable the security license on my router to activate the VPN config, but I cannot apply this to the "voice register pool" ephone equivalent config...

Any other suggestions anyone?

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