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cisco 9971 not recognizing USB camera


I finally upgraded my ucm cluster to allow us to add the 9971 phones although, when i plugged in my usb cam (cisco cam) i get the following error? i have check the phone enterprise paramenters and all is enable,

I get the following error when pluggin the cam into the phone

The USB vendor specific device has been detected but is disable by the administrator


Jaime Valencia
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Exactly which USB camera are you using???

If you're plugging in a CUVA camera it won't work.

AFAIK the USB camera for 9900 is not available for ordering right now. So whatever camera you're using, unless it's the one from the link below, won't work

Cisco Unified Video Camera



If this helps, please rate



if this helps, please rate


I just installed the new 9.0(2) firmware but I don't have any video/camera option un CUCM phone settings.

One way video is not working.

Did I missed something?

Thank you

I can't find the Video Capabilities option on CUCM phone config page.  I managed to get it work by adding 1  on the xml file configuration and uploading it on a different TFTP  server.

So I only have on-way video manually but  it's a start...

I have this same issue anyone else? I'm on the latest UCM and it's there is no option for video enabled.

Found the solution

The parameters described in the following  procedure can be enabled on either the Phone Configuration window (Device > Phone), the Enterprise Phone Configuration  window (System > Enterprise Phone Configuration),  or the Common Phone Profile window (Device > Device  Settings > Common Phone Profile). Be sure to also check the  corresponding Override Common Settings parameter in the configuration  window. The Phone Configuration window is referenced below for purposes  of the procedure description.

Yeah, this is from the release notes. ther is a "CIsco Camera" parameter but no "Video Capabilities" parameter.

I should receive my cameras by April 20 so the Device Pack should be available soon.

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