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cisco 9971 voice and video call



I have cisco 9971 ip phone with camera. is it possible to configure it such a way by default it doesnt only voice call and no video and if required it does video call through softkey.

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Prashanthi Velpula
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Nitesh ,

Firstly thank you for contacting Cisco Support Community.

Below is a brief summary on the query:


- Cisco IP phone 9971 - Video support on the phone with USB-enabled camera

- Be able to use Voice calls when Video not required for the call



++ Video support comes on the phone when you enable the phone for video support either when registered to CUCM ( Call Manager ) or CME ( Call Manager Express )

1.  Scenario when you want the phone to only use voice when remote party doesnt support video codecs like SIP Provider

Call Flow:

IP phone 9971 ---- Reg to CUCM ---- SIP --- CUBE --- SIP ---- Provider

++ In the above scenario, you want to setup video capability for internal users ( IP phone to IP phone ) and not use video over CUBE to provider, becasue this provider doesnt support video codec



++ The work-around is to create SIP profile and add the lines to remove the video codec

++ Apply the SIP profile under outgoing dial-peer to provider, this way video codecs will be stripped

before the INVITE is sent to provider

Sample SIP Profile that will strip the video codecs:

voice class sip-profiles 1000

request INVITE sdp-header Video-Attribute remove

request INVITE sdp-header Video-Media modify "m=video(.*)" ""

request INVITE sdp-header Video-Bandwidth-Info remove


dial-peer voice 1 voip *** This should be the outgoing dial-peer to provider ***

voice-class sip profiles 1000

++ There is one more work-around you can try:


This can be done on CUCM:

- Create a separate Region called " TEST " on CUCM

- For this Region, you can select "None" for Max video call bit rate in CUCM Region Configuration page

- Assign this Region to the Phone Device Pool

- Assign SIP trunk in a Region called "External" and do the same above step 2

- This way Region TEST to Region External, video will be disabled

- You will have Region Internal , i.e Region TEST to Region Internal - Video enabled

++ You can also disable the video under Location Configuration page

-This way, internal calls can still have video, and there won't be any video coming to CUBE for external calls


Hope the above is what you are looking for and hopefully your query has been answered, feel free to let me know if the above helps, if not please give me an example of the scenario you want to achieve ?


Prashanthi Velpula

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