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Cisco ATA192 SIP Registration with 3rd party IP PBX


Hi all, hope everyone is doing well !!

Has anyone successfully register a Cisco ATA192 with a 3rd party session border controller or an IP PBX ?

I have a few Cisco ATA192's that were once registered to my Cisco CUCM that I would like to reuse to register with a 3rd party IP PBX.

Thanks in advance everyone for any inputs / suggestions !!


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Nithin Eluvathingal
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VIP Mentor

I never tried.. Have a look on this Video. Its a SPA 112, not sure if this works for ATA 192.

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Jitendra Kumar
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Rising star

The ATA signals hook flash events to the proxy during a connected call. This feature can be used to provide
advanced mid-call services with third-party-call control.
• Depending on yourservice provider, you may need to disable Call WaitingService, Three Way Conference
Service, or Three Way Call Service. These three features could prevent the signaling of a hook flash
event to the softswitch. You can configure these settings in the Supplementary Service Subscription
section of the Line 1 and Line 2 Settings (PHONE 1 and PHONE 2) page.
• The Hook Flash setting determines the time period required for hook flash detection. It is in the Control
Timer Values section of the SIP page


Follow below document for config..


Thanks Nithin and Jitendra for your help !!! 

I have an ATA192 that's currently registered with CUCM. I can get to the ATA admin page but I can't seem to edit or make changes. Any reason why ? 

Thanks !!!



I assume its because of the below.


Allow Web Access to the ATA

To view the ATA parameters, enable the configuration profile. To make changes to any of the parameters, you must be able to change the configuration profile. Your system administrator might have disabled the option to make the ATA web user interface viewable or writable.

For more information, see the Cisco ATA 191 and 192 Multiplatform Firmware Provisioning Guide

Before you begin

Access the phone administration web page. See Access the Phone Web Interface.


Step 1

Click System.

Step 2

In the System Configuration section, set Enable Web Server to Yes.

Step 3

To update the configuration profile, click Submit All Changes after you modify the fields in the phone web user interface.

The phone reboots and the changes are applied.

Step 4

To clear all changes that you made during the current session (or after you last clicked Submit All Changes), click Undo All Changes. Values return to their previous settings.

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Thanks Nithin !!! I appreciate your help !!

it turns out the ATA is a 190 not 192 and it’s currently registered in CUCM … probably why it’s not letting me make changes to the config ?? and I believe the ATA190 is not a multiplatform series. 


If it’s 190 there was couple of bugs which are similar you issues.

if I remember correctly upgrading to latest fixed all those issues.


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