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Cisco Call Server requirement?

Hi There,

I require a cost effective Cisco Call server with CUCM 8.6 installed in it. Please help assist in finding the right product and suggest the exact ordering and License part code for the same.

Few details are as listed-

1) The Call Server should yield scalability of up to a minimum of 2000 IP phones spread over multiple locations. Currenty Maximum Users are 150.

2) Processor should be Dual. The memory, hard disk space and other hardware should meet the function requirement and support around 150 IP phone subscribers, scalable upto 2000.

3) It should ensure that voice quality of service (QoS) is maintained across constricted WAN links

6) It should be able to verify identity of the devices or servers that they communicate with, ensure the integrity of data they are receiving, and provide privacy of communications via encryption.

7)Support calling features like Auto-answer, Call back, Call forward etc (CUCM 8.6 Features)

8) Operating systems must be pre-installed in the server

# Shall i Choose MCS or UCS servers for the call server?

# What are the license that i require ?

Please advise.



Hi Aakash,

Since the nature of your question is sales / part number/ pricing related, you can open a case with Worldwide Partner Helpline (PH) for assistance.

Please use to do so.

Hope it helps.


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Hi An Choudh!

I do not require the pricing information. I require a Call server which will support CUCM 8.6. I am confused whether to choose UCS C210 /200 series or MCS 78xx servers?

The PH has advised me with the UCS C210 M1 Rack-Mount Server (UCSC-C210M2-VCD3) ; solution pack name: UC on UCS – UC6. But i am still unaware if Cisco Unified Communications Manager Version 8.6 is additionally required to run all the details provided or is it pre-loaded if we purcase the solution pack?

Hope this will be usefull in selecting the right product.


Hi Aakash,

I think you need to deploy the OVA templates and install CUCM on UCS series servers.

Use the below links for more information.

Hope it helps.


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I can't find any support reference for the UCSC-C210M2-VCD3. Where do you see this part number as a supported UC virtualization part number? is the official supported TRCs, right?

it seems the UCSC-C210M2-VCD3 server is now EoS!!!!

Wt the hell is Cisco doing? it just came out! AND, there's no replacement yet?

At least come out with a replacement model before putting it end of sale!

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