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Cisco Callmanager LDAP sync V9.1.2

Joel Fox

Good afternoon - I have ran into a bit of a snag with my callmanger syncing with LDAP. I am running CCM version I had an account syncing to our the root of our domain, looking at the ipPhone field in the AD user account. What I didn't realize was that our parent company populated the ipPhone field with the extension of the user, regardless of the whether they had an ip phone or not, which brought in every user and is rather confusing to the operator. Since we only wanted the corporate users, I added a new LDAP search drilling down to the OU that only contained corporate users. After saving the new addition and ensuring that there were no issues, I removed the old search looking at the forest and performed a full sync on the new search looking at the single corporate user OU. Now I show all the users as inactive, and the syncing of the new query has been processing for over an hour. I have not yet looked at the DirSync logs or stopped/restarted the service, but I didn't want to do that if it was not needed. What I expected to see after adding the new query was one inactive ldap user, and one active ldap user, but that's not the case.

I've had to modify the LDAP sync before when we joined our parent domain in an almost identical manner and didn't have any issues. Can anyone suggest the next step aside from checking the DirSync logs? I read on a couple older posts that stopping/starting or restarting the DirSync service might fix it, as well as possibly restarting the pub, but that post was a few years old...  Any suggestions are appreciated!

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Jaime Valencia
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Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

Bear in mind that the sync can take quite some time for a sync, depending on the number of users you have. If in your experience it has already been enough time, then, as you mention, you should proceed to check the DirSync logs for any errors on the new sync agreement, and then, think about restarting services.



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After looking at the logs (and the help of my server admin) I found that I was using an incorrect query, where I used CN instead of OU. So now it's syncing again, and I learned a little bit more about AD. Thanks for your help!

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