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Cisco CER Password reset


My CLI for CER password expired at some point (changed every 60 days)

It is asking for (current) UNIX password: My assumption is it is the admin password I just put in to get in the CLI

I try to reset it and I get the attached error - Old password incorrect

I have reset the admin and security password on the VM with no joy.

Any help would be appreciated.


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OS/platform and CER application are two different accounts, even if they have the same username (annoyingly, this is allowed). Follow the pwrecovery process and select the OS/platform admin account.

Russ K

We have a similar problem. I reset the CLI/OS admin password using the password reset method (CD drive eject, etc.). Jonathan, I'm not sure what you mean by selecting the OS/platform admin account. During the password reset process I changed the admin and security password. I made them both the same password for now. When I attempt to log into the CLI after the password reset, CER wants me to reset the password immediately. It asks for a new password for the account I used to log into CLI. I enter and confirm that. CER then asks for the old UNIX password. I enter that password I used to log into the CLI and CER tells me the password is wrong. I just used that password to log in! What password does CER want? What is the UNIX password?

Oops - I misspoke here. You're correct that only the OS/platform credentials can be reset using pwrecovery. The application password has to be changed using the utils reset_application_ui_administrator_password after getting logged into the CLI.

What you're describing sounds like a bug. I'm not seeing an obvious match in the bug toolkit but a defect may exist and not be marked customer visible. I'd open a TAC case.

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