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CISCO CM qsiq PRI with legacy PBX, how to.

Hello to everyone,

I have to link an legacy pbx (oxo) with a cisco CM. I know there is the posibility to connect them by a pri with qsig.

Can everyone address me ?

Thank you really much

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paolo bevilacqua
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame

Do you have any experience in this field? If you don't and/or have no certifications, you best choice is to engage a reputable consultant, or certified Cisco partner.

Hello Paolo,

I am not a voice specialist, but I have several year of experiences in  networking. I never configured this kind of trunks, but I installed  severals CME and CM. I am not a total newbe. I need some documentation  where I can find how to make this link, I am a self confident I think I  can manage this installation, of course I if I cannot managed that, I  will call a voice specialist; but I would like to try.

Please Paolo, let me if you know any documentation about this issue.

Thank you.

I would start reading CUCM documentation and SRND, then a search here and on

The matter has been discussed so many times, that unless you have very specific issues, doesn't deserve a new thread again.

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