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CIsco CME Intenal calls to SIP Extensions not workng

I wonder if anybody can help. I have set up CME with a SIP trunk. The system has a selection of wirless and wired H323 handsets as well as some 3rd party SIP endpoints. All the devices have registered on the system as well as the SIP Trunk. The issue is with internal calling. I am able to call from H323 to H323 (Skinny to Skinny), SIP to H323 (3rd Party to Cisco Skinny) and from all devices accross the trunk to external numbers. It is when I try and call from H323 to SIP internally (CIsco Skinny to 3rd Party). The calls are routed accross the SIP trunk and obviously fail. If I remove the outbound proxy entry from Voice Service Voip then I am able to make calls from H323 to SIP internally and it works perfectly with no voice issues. The problem then is that the SIP Trunk is no longer registered.

Any ideas would be greatly appreiated becuase I am literally running on empty now..............



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Hi Chris,

Could please explain us the call flow and attach a network scheme?



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Of course :)


The call flow is SCCP cisco phone - Cisco 2921 - Wireless 3rd Party SIP device that doesnt work. The other way round works perfectly. I don;t have a network diagram to hand, but there is a stacked core of 3750x switches that are doing all of the routing. The 3rd party SIP devices are wirless and connect to a different vlan. The 2921 and all the cisco fixed phones are on the same vlan. There is a sip trunk that comes straight from an ADVA that goes to the 2921. All call route out through this interface. All wired and wirless infrastructure is Cisco.



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