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Cisco IP Conference Phone 7937g registration failed

Hi Altruists,

I have an Cisco IP Conference Phone. After booting up it hang on "Registering..." options. This tries to get registered with something. The question is, with what it is trying to register? Is it trying to register with CUCM? Do I need a licencse to get CUCM? Or there is another option? It is connected to network for sure. I tried to ping this with its IP address and it was successful. I have been waiting for some days with that. I don't know what to do. Felling helpless ):


Thanks in advance.


Best regards


Chris Deren
Hall of Fame Master

Do you have a CUCM that you want it to register with?

Might be good idea to perform factory reset on the phone to start clean.

Dear Chris,

thanks a lot for your prompt response. I don't have any CUCM. If I factory reset this, do I need a CUCM after this?


Best regards


What is the purpose of the phone then?

Cisco phones are dummy terminals and do not work by themselves, they require a Call Server, such as CUCM, CME, 3rd party SIP PBX, cloud call server of some kind, etc.

So, if you do not have anything to register the phone with, it's just a brick then.

Hi Dear Chris,

I don't have either of them. Could I buy those? Or license to download them?


Best regards


What is it that you are trying to accomplish as buying CUCM for 1 phone makes no sense, especially that you need to buy minimum # of licenses which will cost few thousands of $US.  If you in fact do want to buy Cisco UC/Collab solution you need to reach out to your local Cisco authorized partner/reseller.  

In order to perform a factory reset you need DHCP and a TFTP with the configuration files/FW for the device, if you do not have any call control, then you might not want to do that.

You'll need to buy a call control agent to use the device.



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Hi Dear Jaime, 

thanks! I don't have any call controll. Do you mean "Call Server" with call controll? I have factory reseted by pressing **1 by booting and it has worked. 


Best regards


Hi there


I think you are a bit confused here. You do have a call control server back in your infra. It could be either Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) or any other PBX.

You can verify the Active CUCM in Settings >> Device Configuration Menu. Also the TFTP where the phone is registered can be found in Settings >> Network Configuration Menu >> TFTP.



Hope this helps!


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Leo Laohoo
VIP Community Legend

What "flavour" of call manager is this phone meant to be registering to?

Hi dear,

thanks! I don't have any call manager. Where do I get them?


Best regards


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